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Hello. I present a full presentation of the Google Street View of your facility. All panoramas are attached to your business card on Google Maps. I made two panoramas from the air. The first of 500 meters high showing the whole area. The second from a height of 100 meters

Presentation of the apartment upstairs

The whole bottom is connected in one virtual walk. But for the needs of the web page You can put a presentation of each apartment separately.

It is possible to put on the bottom on the ground in every panorama of your logotype

Remember that the visualization on Google Maps is live time free.



Please, accept the project. In October I will be back to Zanzibar so we can do something more. Best wishes and I am waiting for a reply


Best wishes


Jarosław Borowski

+48 604051208


tel: 604 051 208



www.ujarek.com tel: +48 604 051 208